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DarkSF is the Dark Chocolate of Science Fiction, says John Argo

=  We Are Different  =

Welcome to the zone of the macabre and dangerous. You don't have to travel to outer space to meet the strangest people. Ask Charley Hart, a well-off young computer nerd and peeping tom. Marie Compton is the attractive woman across the street, targeted in Charley's telescope, but she has him in her cross-hairs for an entirely different and shocking purpose you'll never guess.

Charley Hart is tormented by guilt, even as he exercises the secret and dangerous pleasures nature has chosen for him. But nature has grand designs that humans cannot guess. And sometimes, when you learn the truth, it's already too late. Charley Hart is different enough to start with. The neighbors aren't so far out out of this world...just far out at sea.


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