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Note 4. Slaying the Sigh-Fie Monster Once and For All

Slaying the Sigh-Fie Monster—Let's become un-confused about the many great monsters—as opposed to exploitational nuutflicks*—in the best of world literature. Consider the commonalities among (e.g.) Gilgamesh's Huwawa (over 4,000 years ago or YA); David's Goliath (Shofet-era lore of early Hebrews, over 3,000 YA); Homer's Cyclops fantasy story (Odyssey, c2750 YA); trolls and dragons in Beowulf (Euro-tribal, Common Era); the giant white SciFi whale Moby-Dick 1851; and, more recently, Orson Welles' Martian invaders (1938), or 1933 King Kong.

Monsters can be great if done well, driving some of the best literature. Rather, Bug Eyed Monsters (BEM) long ago got a bad rap because of their abuse by cynical money-grinders at the centers of industrial publishing—risk-adverse, investor-driven sausage factories producing far too many farts and not enough arts.

Footnote*: nuutflicks(spoken with Trumpian 'uu' or 'yewwww' as in pee-yoo, as enunciated so well by Stephen Colbert). I can't resist, and I won't say sorry for voicing a moderate-centrist cultural-political position (toleration, let's all get along) in the USA in flames and about to go over the falls in 2017. Speaking of Sigh-Fie and Monsters, who would have ever believed after eight years of W, who essentially destroyed the world's economic system as a prime figurehead and hood ornament of Reaganism and all of its falsehoods (hoods being the operative term), that we'd sink to even lower depths with this cartoon figure from Nuuuw York? Calling Mark Twain: have we reached bottom yet, or does the darkness go deeper yet?


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