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Note 6. Archetypes

Romeo & Juliet, Robinsonades, etc.

Example: Romeo & Juliet More info soon.

Example: Robinsonades Defoe's 1719 novel a shipwrecked sailor (read: sinner) is too often totally misunderstood by modern readers and movie goers as some sort of feel-good, fuzzy bunnies story in the Walt Disney vein. It is, in fact, literature's first real techno-thriller and therefore an SF story that leans as heavily on reason and science as it does on dark Calvinist themes. It contains murder, violence, cruelty, nightmares, guilt, and cannibalism among other gloomy themes. Again, the DarkSF stems not from any of those, but from an artful telling of a rich theme. Same can be said of a 1923 Austrian novel by Felix Salten, Bambi: A Life of the Forest, which was made into a classic Disney movie enjoyed by generations of children. In reality, even in the Disney movie, there is terrible but natural cruelty as Bambi is with his mother when she is shot dead by a terrifying creature known as 'The Man.' Bambi is also later shot, but survives. The deer of the forest know 'The Man' is not invincible, because they find the corpse of a man who was murdered by another human. So again, there is often much greater art, poetry, and meaning in the real work, properly understood, than the shallow pablum filtered through to an unknowing public for profit.

Example: TBD More info soon.


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